Forex broker Exness

Forex broker Exness has come a long way, becoming one of the industry leaders. In 2014, the company's monthly trading volume exceeded 180,000,000 USD. The number of trading accounts opened monthly by clients from different parts of the world, is more than 15 000.

Today Forex dealer allows trading more than 120 trading instruments. The dealing centre has many prestigious awards; its activity is regulated by authoritative organisations. The broker sponsors the famous football club "Real Madrid" and the best player of the planet in 2017 Cristiano Ronaldo.

Terms of Trading

The company provides traders with the following trading conditions:

  • Smallest deposit: 1 USD;

  • Leverage: 1:200 (unique company offer - 1:∞);

  • No commission for traded volume;

  • Spread: 0.1-1.5 (for EUR/USD currency pair: 0.1-0.2);

  • Order execution: Market;

  • Popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 terminals.

Trader registration

Go to the main page of the broker's official website. Click on the "Register" link. Enter your phone number, e-mail address and password. Click "Continue Verification". Enter the activation code that came in the form of SMS and e-mail.

Fill in the "Address" field. Enter your real surname, first name and patronymic. Enter your date of birth and tick the box to confirm that you are not a resident or US citizen (for tax purposes). Click "Next.

Enter the security settings, select type: mobile phone or e-mail address. Enter the code word. The registration is complete. Choose an account and start trading.

Trader registration1


Account Types

The broker offers the following types of accounts:

  1. Demo - An opportunity to test your strategy by trading on a virtual account without any investments.

  2. Mini - Minimum deposit - 1 USD. Leverage - 1:200. Spread - from 0.3 points. No commission for the trading volume. Lack of access to interbank. Stop Out - 0%.

  3. Classic - the smallest deposit - 2 000 USD. Leverage: 1: ∞. Spread - from 0.1 points. There is no charge for the trading volume. Access to the interbank is provided upon the dealer's decision. Stop Out - 0 percent.

  4. Cent - Minimum deposit - 1 USD. Leverage - 1:∞. Spread - from 0.3 points. Lack of access to the interbank. Stop Out - 0%.

  5. ECN - Smallest deposit - 300 USD. Leverage - 1:200. Spread - from 0 points. Automatic access to the interbank. Stop Out - 50%.



The official website of Exness offers traders to use the following terminals for trading:

  1. MetaTrader 4 - One of the most popular and functional trading platforms. Traders can install MT 4 Multiterminal. Users who choose to trade algorithmically on Forex can adapt their advisors and successfully use them when trading on the broker's servers. There is a MT 4 version for mobile hedges.

  2. Mobile terminal - Customers have full control over their account and can work anywhere in the world. The terminal provides an abundance of Forex technical indicators and charts of financial instruments.

Among the advantages of the MetaTrader 4 terminal, one can note:

  • The ability to customise the interface;

  • Technical analysis;

  • Automated trading;

  • Availability of an economic calendar;

  • Currency converter and trading calculator;

  • VPS-hosting of high quality;

  • Quotes history;

  • Monitoring of accounts.

Clients can use 1:2-1:200 leverage in Forex trading. It gives freedom to choose a trading strategy with different deposit sizes. 

Only experienced market players have access to 1:50 leverage. Exness determines the leverage depending on the type of trading account and balance of funds. If the account amount exceeds 200 000 USD, the leverage is 1:100.

A serious advantage of the Exness broker is to provide traders with a free VPS server. The dealing centre spreads are unusual for clients who trade with expert advisors. That is why you get VPS-hosting for free. The only requirement is the minimum amount of funds on the account - 500 USD.

The connection time between the trading server of the Forex dealer and the VPS-server is about 0.01 seconds. It eliminates delays in order execution and slippage, which is very important for clients who use Expert Advisors - scalpers.

Trader registration2



Analytical reviews of the broker are provided by the famous financial advisor Trading Central (the contract was concluded in 2013), which provides clients with technical analysis on the ten most liquid currency pairs. Traders receive the latest world news via TV channel (live broadcast from New York Stock Exchange).

Users are encouraged to download a specialised indicator TC.TechnicalAnalysis for:

  • Drawings of current resistance and support levels;

  • Indications of beers;

  • Providing a brief financial forecast.

The broker provides an economic calendar. You can select news for a certain period and filter them by countries and importance. The use of such an analytical tool helps to successfully predict changes in the rates of financial instruments and develop your trading strategy.

The calendar contains essential news and values of world indices, such as:

  • Price indexes;

  • Bank interest rates;

  • Financial indicators of states.

If the calendar is applied, traders receive information to forecast the formation and change of trends in the major currency pairs Forex.

In the trading platform, Exness users have access to the most relevant events from Dow Jones News that affect the Forex market. Broadcasts are conducted in real-time, there are no delays. The news is available to owners of real accounts.

The archive of quotations contains information about the rates of Forex market currency pairs for different periods. You can download the necessary archive, upload it to the MT 4 platform and apply it for technical analysis or testing of the selected trading strategy.

Security of clients' funds

Forex broker Exness pays much attention to investment security. Clients are guaranteed the safety of savings and fair execution of financial obligations. The company cooperates with major world banks such as OCBC Bank, Barclays and Baltikums.

For the security of users' currency placement, it is kept separately from the capital of the Forex dealer in special bank accounts. The company has created a well-thought-out security system. For accounts, there is a mechanism that identifies the owner through specialised procedures and algorithms.

Therefore, money transactions on the account can only be performed by its owner. The broker offers modern terminals and services that allow to automate trading processes in Forex and prevent the situation when the account "goes down". It is important for the safety of an investor's savings.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Deposit/withdrawal of funds is made using the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer: Deposit - a minimum of 10 USD. Withdrawal - a minimum of 40 USD. All operations are carried out without commissions during 3-5 days.

  • Plastic card: Deposit is a minimum of 3 USD. Withdrawal - minimum 3/6 USD, the operation takes 3-5 days.

  • Neteller: Deposit - a minimum of 10 USD. Withdrawal - a minimum of 4 USD. Transactions are made without delays.

  • Skrill: Deposit - at least 10 USD. Withdrawal - a minimum of 10 USD. Transactions are performed instantly.

The site offers more than 35 methods of depositing and withdrawing funds; we mentioned only the most common ones. You can also make payment transactions using Wire Transfer, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Perfect Money, U Cash and internal transfer systems.


The Exness Dealing Center offers right trading conditions. Customers can use the ergonomic MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. Convenient analytical tools are available. The broker paid a lot of attention to the security of user funds. Traders are attracted by instant currency withdrawal, although the number of payment systems would not prevent them from expanding.